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Ask Your Preacher

“Afraid of Not Being Saved”

Categories: Salvation
I was saved when I was about thirteen and was baptized in the Methodist church when I was fifteen.  I hope this doesn’t offend you.  As I grew up, you know every boy and girl has hormones. I became an addict to pornography and sexual sin.  I was born with a nerve disease and have been disabled since I was a teenager.  I never had a girlfriend when I was growing up and have never been on a date with a woman.  I have been battling with my porn addiction for a long time.  I think I am finally cured from sexual sin.  I have been praying about it and reading my Bible a lot.  I am now 48-years-old and now in a wheelchair.  I am just terrified that I have lost my salvation and that I’m going to hell.  All the preachers I ask all say different things.  I have prayed about it and told God my fears, but I’m still terrified about this.  I would appreciate any help you could give me.
Where To Now?

Dear Where To Now,

You definitely can be forgiven of your sins.  Jesus preached to prostitutes and others who had committed countless sins (Matt 21:31).  God does require repentance of sin (you can’t just continue in an ungodly lifestyle), but you can be forgiven (Acts 3:19).  You have had a rather unsteady past when it comes to religion.  We would like you to consider that as you attempt to wipe the slate clean of previous habits, that you also wipe the slate clean of previous religious assumptions.

We here at AYP want you to learn what the Bible says and nothing more.  When considering salvation, how to live, what church to attend, and various other religious questions – who cares what man thinks?!  The Bible contains everything you need to know concerning life and godliness (2 Pet 1:3).  The Gospel is God’s tool to teach you about salvation (Rom 1:16).  Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian, Catholic, Mormon, etc. doctrine has no bearing on your salvation.  Only God’s Word can guide you to heaven.  We recommend you read “What Must I Do To Be Saved” and “Finding The Church” very carefully and continue to ask questions.  Don’t pay attention to what we say; pay attention to the verses we cite in our answers.  The Scriptures are not a matter of personal interpretation (2 Pet 1:21).  The Scriptures are here, so all can see God’s Will any time they read the Word (2 Pet 1:15).  If you have further questions (and we hope you do!), continue to ask them and accept only answers fully supported by the Scriptures.   SB