We like to treat visitors like "Instant Family." We're like a
box of Crayons. We're all different colors, and all are important. And we can all stand a little "straighter"
if you are here.

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Our building was the target of arson early morning on June 21. Due to the repairs being made and also due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we meet for worship on Sunday morning only at 10 AM. That service can be viewed at http://www.easttacomachurchofchrist.org/live.

All in-person classes are cancelled temporarily. But, look for us online!

Recent Lessons

  1. The Greatest Commandment
    Paul Hawthorne
  2. PlayLoving God and Loving Others
    Paul Hawthorne
  3. PlayDoing Well Regardless
    Jim Hester
  4. PlayPraise
    Paul Hawthorne
  5. PlayFathers
    Paul Hawthorne