The Leadership of the East Tacoma Church of Christ

Every group of people needs leadership to grow, to function efficiently, and to make a difference through the work they do together.  The leadership of the East Tacoma Church of Christ is based on the pattern laid out by God in the Bible (Acts 14:23).


Our Spiritual Shepherds

We are led by 2 spiritual shepherds—men chosen by the congregation to lead based on their age, life experience, and the qualifications given in the Scriptures (1 Tim 3:1-7; Titus 1:5-9).  These men do not run the church, but rather guide, encourage and protect God’s lambs, based on the wisdom and knowledge of God’s word they have gained through lives of service to God.  Our shepherds are:


         Paul Hawthorne                             Larry Knapp



Our Deacons

Our shepherds are aided currently by deacons—men also chosen to fill various roles based on their scriptural qualifications (1 Tim 3:8-10), their abilities and their willingness to work.


             Jim Hester                                    Mike Walker



Our Evangelist

Paul Hawthorne works with the congregation preaching and teaching both here in the East Tacoma Congregation and regionally.  Evangelists are chosen to fill roles based on scriptural qualifications (1 Tim 1:19; 6:12.  2 Tim 2:15, 24-25; 4:2), as well as abilities and eagerness to teach.



        Paul Hawthorne